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Leslie Garayt: Flakers

Courtesy Able Seaman Leslie Garayt

Courtesy Able Seaman Leslie Garayt

Flakers: Overboard in the Atlantic

Able Seaman Leslie Garayt joined the Royal Canadian Navy in 1941 in Montreal and served until 1945. He took to life aboard ship right away and throughout his long naval career turned down all shore jobs, preferring the life at sea.

“At the beginning of 1944 we escorted an American destroyer across the Atlantic. It was being given away to the Royal Navy in England. From there I was transferred to the HMCS Loch Morlich which was a frigate and I served the rest of the war on board her, escorting, submarine hunting, and things like that. Our group was called the hunter-killer group. Our job was to patrol the Atlantic, the English Channel and the Irish Sea, submarine hunting.”

“The very first frigate I served on was built in northern England in Loch Morlich. One of the men lived across from the shipyard and his wife gave us a small pup. When a seaman lies down we used to say he was going flakers, so we called the dog Flakers because he was young and needed a lot of sleep. We took him out to sea, but unfortunately this is a short story. One day we just couldn’t find him.

We looked and looked for him, but he was nowhere to be found. Some of the men were superstitious about having a dog aboard. I can’t imagine anyone throwing him into the sea, but from one day to the next he was gone. So we had to figure that Flakers was a dog overboard.”