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Nancy Fox: Fox Family Retrievers

riley-relaxing3Nancy Fox taught kindergarden for 28 years before she retired in 1987.  She and her husband, Doug, raised a blended family of eight children and they have many grandchildren.  Born in Toronto, Nancy grew up during the 1940s and 1950s in Port Perry, Ontario where her father used to own and operate a small theatre.  “He was forever bringing stray dogs and cats home.” Read the rest of this entry »

Baby sitting

lacey-and-matthewA baby, a good dog,  an empty egg carton.  Simplicity itself on the kitchen floor.

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Lisa Fioretto: Organ donor and a best dog named Smokey

It was a particularly cold January for Toronto and on this evening, drifting snow had stiffened to concrete hardness on the stairs going down to the front entrance.  Moving into this apartment, I learned later, had been part of a necessary downsizing strategy for Lisa, a single mother.   After her surgery she encountered tough financial times, a roller coaster begun by her former employer who unexpectedly fired her during her recovery. Bedecked in tattoos, henna’d hair and eyes reflecting a complex life, Lisa greeted me warmly.

Lisa and Pug puppy

Lisa and Pug puppy

I met Lisa Fioretto and her daughter, Cheyne, in their Toronto Queen Street West basement apartment about eight months after Lisa’s kidney donation surgery.

While young Cheyne bounced back and forth between us and a reality program on t.v. in the next room, Lisa and I sat down in her artfully decorated kitchen. During my work as a realtor I see a lot of basement apartments and this was one of the coziest and most beautifully decorated I had ever come across. On Lisa’s lap sat a most adorable Pug puppy named Pollyanna. Read the rest of this entry »

Karyn Williams: Rumor

Young Rumor, homed from as shelter

Young Rumor, homed from as shelter

One day I adopted a dog from a local shelter. She was about six months old, a cross between a Lab and Shepherd and I called her Rumor.

Apparently her first six months hadn’t been so great. She was scared of children and most adults. Although settling in with me quite well, we had several puppy problems, mostly abandonment related whenever she was left alone. Parts of my house were destroyed; everything seemed fair game to her. With lots of love and consistent positive attention she got better.

A few years later, my father, Ed Williams, who had worked for years as the International Sales Manager of Braun Canada, was diagnosed with dementia. While he still lived at home, we decided that Rumor would keep him and my mother, Viola, company while I was at work. My Dad adored this dog and the feeling was mutual. My father began losing his eyesight and in no time found himself completely blind. Read the rest of this entry »

Jim Galloway: Cito

The banner of Good Dogs Canada shows Cito, the handsome German Shepherd left behind after the death of his human partner, RCMP Corporal Jim Galloway who died in the line of duty on the last day of February, 2004. Two thousand officers and 75 canine teams from across Canada and some from the United States attended the funeral. Bagppipes played and

Cito kept looking over his shoulder.

Police dog Cito and his human partner Corporal Jim Galloway were well known in their community and over the years had collared many bad guys and found countless lost children. Just two weeks earlier, Jim and Cito rescued a cold and hungry young boy who had disappeared in a wooded rural area. Read the rest of this entry »

Gloria Heineman: Pansy

Pansy sharing Gloria with baby

Pansy sharing Gloria with baby

Gloria’s favourite childhood dog was a small Wire-Haired Fox Terrier.
“Fox Terriers are wonderful little dogs. I just loved this dog. He was a good dog but he also knew how to get himself into trouble like the time he got loose and got our neighbour’s prize winning purebred Cocker Spaniel pregnant.

They were so mad at us! It was also this dog’s unfortunate habit to chase cars and one day he got run over. I remember being so upset I called my father and just yelled into the phone: ‘He died!” My poor father thought I meant my brother and came racing home. Upon discovering it was the dog, my father graciously conducted a funeral; my brother wore his cassock from church and we had a procession and a casket. 

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