Brave girl, good dog


Krystle Morrow and Koby at home recovering. Photo by Christopher Pike thanks to the Ottawa Citizen

In February 2010, Krystle Morrow and her dog Koby were taking their normal walk along a snowmobile trail where they walked together daily in Casselman, Ontario. 

Koby, the Border Collie/Husky mix had been adopted by the Morrow family about three months earlier when his former family moved to Florida and felt that the Husky part of the dog wouldn’t do well in Florida’s climate. 

On this day, the 19 year old and her dog inadvertently got caught in a foothold trap that had been laid along the trail to catch coyotes.  These traps are easily concealed.  Krystle dragged the 55 kilogram birch log to which the traps were secured for about a kilometre through snow to get help.  Once she’d made it to her house, she was unable to navigate the hallway to reach the phone because of the log to which she was tied. 

Her father Kevin, a retired fire chief, found her sitting bloodied with her dog in the livingroom almost three hours later when he returned from work.  He said his daughter’s first concern was for her dog.  After he had freed her and called an ambulance, Kevin said there were  three foothold traps tied to the three metre-long log.  His daughter’s middle fingers had been cut almost to the bone. 

I talked to Krystle after her wounds had healed and Koby had recovered from his injuries which fortunately were minor.  “It could have been so much worse,” Krystle told me.  “Koby was really worried”.  She added that her adrenalin kicked in to help her calm her dog as they made their difficult way back home.  Krystle’s modesty and simple gratitude for prevailing through this ordeal was heartwarming to hear. I told her Good Dogs Canada is proud of her efforts.  See

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