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Larry Taverner: Champagne

Champagne, courtesy Larry Taverner

Champagne, courtesy Larry Taverner

Larry Taverner was an Airman First Class Armorer serving on a fighter squadron (242) formed of Canadians serving in the Royal Air Force. They made up part of the British Expeditionary Force in France in 1940.

“When the Germans started advancing on us, we received orders to pull up stakes from our camp near Lille and head for the French coast. We were several days getting to the coast but managed to keep our adoped dog, Champagne, concealed. She was like a very small Jack Russell Terrier and she travelled in the uniform shirts of several airmen, mine included.

Once on the coast we had a couple of days to wait for a small coastal freighter to take us back to England. We finally made it to Linconshire where we had plenty of re-organizing to do because we had lost a lot of our equipment. Champagne was glad we made it back to England too because she could finally get out from under cover and tear around. The sad part is that after a couple of weeks of freedom she lost an argument with a large truck. It was a sorrowful bunch of guys who made sure she had a decent burial. We sure missed our smallest recruit.”