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W. Arnfield: Salty

Salty on board minesweeperThis is the story of Salty, a white Maltese Terrier. His place of birth was Saskatchewan. He became our ship’s mascot in December, 1943. He arrived in the pocket of Lt. MacDonald.

Our ship, H.M.C.S. Blairmore, a Bangor class minesweeper, was being refitted in Cornerbrook, Newfoundland, at the time. To cut a long story short, he was with us when we arrived in England, February, 1944.

We lost Salty when he jumped off the stern. At this time, three battleships had moved into position to shell the coast, and I believe the concussions from the 16 inch guns were too much for Salty.

We could not make any efforts to save him as we had our sweeping gear in play. Also at this time, hundreds of troops were heading for shore in landing crafts. The date was June 6, 1944, and he was our only casualty of D-Day. We all hoped that maybe he was rescued by a landing craft, which we doubted very much, or that he made it ashore and found a nice French Poodle.”