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Nitro: Badge #9755

Honouring the fallen Nitro, photo courtesy Lyle Stafford

Honouring the fallen Nitro, photo courtesy Lyle Stafford

This story is amalgamated from research and newspaper articles following the death of K9 officer Nitro.

Thank you to Howard Chow of the Vancouver Police Department.

The Vancouver Police Dog Squad is well known internationally and is considered one of the finest dog squads to be found anywhere. It uses German Shepherds exclusively. Its training methods, refined through its 40 year history, are similar to the classic Schutzhund style training, but the Vancouver Dog Squad’s productivity in criminal apprehension work and urban tracking skills exceeds the character of Schutzhund training practices which are not practical for the unpredictable nature of urban apprehension work.

The Vancouver Police Squad was the first Police Department in Canada to train dogs as a component of its Emergency Response Team. Nitro was one of only a few dogs who made it to work with this team. Smaller in stature than the typical male Shepherd, he was one of the top producers in the unit. He developed a reputation as a very tenacious dog.
Nitro was a beloved member of the Rutter family which he had joined as a puppy and had grown up with Constable Howard Rutter’s two children, Meghan and Matthew. He became an official K9 in June 1999 and became a popular member of the Vancouver Police Dog Squad. The mahogany-brown eyed German Shepherd was the first police dog who was named through the unit’s “name the puppy” contest. Read the rest of this entry »