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Lisa Fioretto: Organ donor and a best dog named Smokey

It was a particularly cold January for Toronto and on this evening, drifting snow had stiffened to concrete hardness on the stairs going down to the front entrance.  Moving into this apartment, I learned later, had been part of a necessary downsizing strategy for Lisa, a single mother.   After her surgery she encountered tough financial times, a roller coaster begun by her former employer who unexpectedly fired her during her recovery. Bedecked in tattoos, henna’d hair and eyes reflecting a complex life, Lisa greeted me warmly.

Lisa and Pug puppy

Lisa and Pug puppy

I met Lisa Fioretto and her daughter, Cheyne, in their Toronto Queen Street West basement apartment about eight months after Lisa’s kidney donation surgery.

While young Cheyne bounced back and forth between us and a reality program on t.v. in the next room, Lisa and I sat down in her artfully decorated kitchen. During my work as a realtor I see a lot of basement apartments and this was one of the coziest and most beautifully decorated I had ever come across. On Lisa’s lap sat a most adorable Pug puppy named Pollyanna. Read the rest of this entry »