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Claudette Waite: Never say never

Mickey with Guy and Claudette“When our seventeen year old Miniature Poodle died I cried and cried and said I don’t want another dog. But my late husband, Guy, he wanted a dog and he started going to the pound every day looking.

We had friends who had a little dog, part something, part butterfly dog, a Papillon. He was the cutest little dog, his name was Peanut. His ears were gorgeous of course, and he had a beautiful full tail he carried around like a palm tree. Our friends lived out in the country and Peanut would sit up on his hind legs like a prairie dog on the front lawn and if you’d say to him, Peanut, salute, he’d lift his front right paw to his forehead and salute. People would stop their cars to check him out. You could tell him to fall over dead too, but we didn’t do that too often as he didn’t like doing it all that much. Read the rest of this entry »