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To diet or not to diet


This is Bob the Pug.  He belongs to Trevor Deschamps and Courtney Scott.   With their children they live in a residential area of Prince Rupert, B.C.   

On April10,2010, neighbours observed what they first thought was a large dog grab Bob from his front lawn and trot away with him in his mouth like a mother would pick up a kitten.

They hollered to Trevor and Courtney that a wolf had picked up Bob and run off with him.  Soon everyone, including Courtney who had given birth to her third child just two weeks before, was yelling and running in pursuit down the street into the woods nearby.  As they ran they kept hollering and making a lot of noise and throwing rocks and sticks.  Finally the wolf, who by all reports was a large and very handsome  guy, dropped the Pug and ran off.  Bob’s neck was punctured, but he was alright.  Apparently his neck was too fat for the wolf to maintain a good bite on him!

Bob is home safe with his family who wonder whether to put him on that diet they’d been considering before wolf boy paid them a visit.