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Gloria Heineman: Pansy

Pansy sharing Gloria with baby

Pansy sharing Gloria with baby

Gloria’s favourite childhood dog was a small Wire-Haired Fox Terrier.
“Fox Terriers are wonderful little dogs. I just loved this dog. He was a good dog but he also knew how to get himself into trouble like the time he got loose and got our neighbour’s prize winning purebred Cocker Spaniel pregnant.

They were so mad at us! It was also this dog’s unfortunate habit to chase cars and one day he got run over. I remember being so upset I called my father and just yelled into the phone: ‘He died!” My poor father thought I meant my brother and came racing home. Upon discovering it was the dog, my father graciously conducted a funeral; my brother wore his cassock from church and we had a procession and a casket. 

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