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Adrian L. Whiteman: Perth the Spaniel and Gus the Goose

Perth the Spaniel and Gus the Goose

Perth the Spaniel and Gus the Goose

Adrian Whiteman of Keremose, British Columbia, was a Seaman Gunner during the Second World War. His job was to scrub the deck and fire the guns aboard the escort ship, The Lanark. This was a British ship that showed the convoys where to go and keep them protected from submarines.

“The ship the Lanark was named after Lanark County in Ontario where the town of Perth is located. The town adopted the ship because there was an English Royal Navy Ship called Perth. The town sent us a black Cocker Spaniel as our mascot and of course we named him Perth. The sick bay attendant (nurse) was his official keeper. The dog lived with him in the sick bay. But he also really enjoyed it up on deck with Gus who was a goose.

Gus the goose was was purchased off the coast of Ireland for two packages of cigarettes. We were going to eat him, but he was just a bag of bones. He was nice and tame so we decided to keep him. We hid him in the vegetable locker on the after deck. When he was discovered during morning inspection by the ship’s Captain, Zimmerman and I went to the ship’s office and put in a request to keep him as a mascot along with Perth. The Captain granted our request and named us his official sweepers. If you know geese you’ll know what that entailed. Up on the deck where he spent much of his time with the Perth and the crew, it was easy, we just grabbed a hose and washed it overboard; we had no shortage of help. Read the rest of this entry »