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Search Dog Foundation units ready for deployment to Japan

Gary Durian and Baxter

Gary Durian and Baxter

US Canine Disaster Teams To Leave For Japan
Good Dogs Canada commends the six canine search and rescue teams in Los Angeles who are responding today to the devastating 8.9 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The American National Disaster Search Dog Foundation is deploying six canine disaster search and rescue teams from Los Angeles County Task Force. The LA Task Force is being mobilized along with Virginia’s Task Force 2 by the US Agency for International Development (USAID), which dispatches Disaster Assistance Response Team (Dart) to help coordinate rescue efforts in Japan.

Each Task Force will be composed of approximately 72 personnel, including Urban Search and Rescue canines and 75 tons of rescue equipment. The teams are in the process of getting a health clearance for their dogs from their veterinarians, certifying that the dogs are in good health and able to be deployed. Unlike other national disasters Japan is asking for immediate help.

The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation was founded in 1996 with a mission to strengthen disaster response in America and across the world by recruiting rescued dogs and partnering them with firefighters and other first responders to assist in finding humans buried alive in the wreckage of disasters. Currently there are 74 Search Dog Foundation teams located in California, Florida, Nebraska, New York, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah.

World Vets is an international veterinary aid organization that provides “free veterinary aid, resources and support during times of disaster all over the world”. Their non-profit efforts spans 25 countries and 6 continents, and handles both veterinary issues and human health issues caused by animal-related infectious diseases.

The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation is a non-profit, FEMA-certified agency that searches for survivors in the wreckage of catastrophic events such as the one is Japan. NDSDF has already deployed six Canine Disaster Search Teams to respond to the current crisis; each task force is made up of approximately 72 members (including both humans and Urban Search and Rescue dogs) and some 75 tons of rescue equipment.

PDS Caesar

Caesar and his human partner, Constable Randy Goss, lived their unit’s motto: “Life’s Short – Bite Hard”. He was killed in the line of duty in 1998.
Caesar and Randy Goss, photo courtesy Tom Braid, Edmonton Sun

Caesar and Randy Goss, photo courtesy Tom Braid, Edmonton Sun

At the time of his death, the 85 pound Rottweiler was a 5 year veteran of the Edmonton Alberta Police Service Dog Unit.   As Tom Braid, the photographer who had participated in numerous charity events  with the Unit, said afterwards,  ”People don’t quite get it.  This was not only a dog, this was an actual Police member; his title was Police Service Dog (PSD). Other cops on the street trust these dogs with their very own lives without ever giving it a second thought.  There are many calls that police members make where they will not proceed without a dogman backing them up.”

Caesar was shot while attempting to help police members subdue a distraught, apparently suicidal young man armed with a shotgun on the grounds of Bishop Savaryn Catholic Elementary School.

Fortunately, although it had been a planned outdoor fun day at school, most of the students had gone back inside for lunch because of hot weather. A man pointing a shotgun was spotted wandering around the perimeter of the sports field that was surrounded by three separate schools. The man refused repeated police requests to drop his firearm and instead fired shots into the air. Police services turned to Caesar for help. Read the rest of this entry »

Jim Galloway: Cito

The banner of Good Dogs Canada shows Cito, the handsome German Shepherd left behind after the death of his human partner, RCMP Corporal Jim Galloway who died in the line of duty on the last day of February, 2004. Two thousand officers and 75 canine teams from across Canada and some from the United States attended the funeral. Bagppipes played and

Cito kept looking over his shoulder.

Police dog Cito and his human partner Corporal Jim Galloway were well known in their community and over the years had collared many bad guys and found countless lost children. Just two weeks earlier, Jim and Cito rescued a cold and hungry young boy who had disappeared in a wooded rural area. Read the rest of this entry »