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Karyn Williams: Rumor

Young Rumor, homed from as shelter

Young Rumor, homed from as shelter

One day I adopted a dog from a local shelter. She was about six months old, a cross between a Lab and Shepherd and I called her Rumor.

Apparently her first six months hadn’t been so great. She was scared of children and most adults. Although settling in with me quite well, we had several puppy problems, mostly abandonment related whenever she was left alone. Parts of my house were destroyed; everything seemed fair game to her. With lots of love and consistent positive attention she got better.

A few years later, my father, Ed Williams, who had worked for years as the International Sales Manager of Braun Canada, was diagnosed with dementia. While he still lived at home, we decided that Rumor would keep him and my mother, Viola, company while I was at work. My Dad adored this dog and the feeling was mutual. My father began losing his eyesight and in no time found himself completely blind. Read the rest of this entry »