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Toronto Police Dog Services’ 20th anniversary

Some of the handlers and their dogs

Some of the dogs and their handlers

Toronto has the largest police canine unit in Canada with 32 working dogs and 22 human handlers on staff. 

The Toronto Police Dog Services Unit was launched in 1989 and recently celebrated its twentieth year of operation.                                                                                                                                                               What a pleasure it was for me to watch as these fine teams demonstrated their skills in front of an admiring audience.  The dogs strutted their stuff on this special day.  It felt good to recognize the public service they perform.  During the course of their daily working lives,  these animals are put nose first into hazardous situations.

Police dogs are used both during normal police work and during extraordinary situations.  They apprehend suspects.  They sniff out explosives, illegal drugs, and firearms.  They search for cadavers.  They look for lost people.  They are used for crowd control and they guard while their human partners investigate crime scenes.  They are truly partners to their human police men and women.  Each dog has his or her own badge number. They are officers of the law.

Waiting to perform

Waiting to perform


Although most police dogs are German Shepherds, the Toronto force also has several mixed breeds including a Lab mix, a Spaniel mix, and a handsome and capable Golden Retriever.